Departments of Non-medical Affairs

  1. Economic and financial affairs
    • Finance and Accounting Department
    • Public Procurement Department
  2. Legal department
  3. Technical departments


Bojana Popović, MSc Ecc.
Bojana Popović, MSc Ecc. Assistant Director of the Institute for non-medical affairs and Head of Economic and Financial Affairs
Božinka Tomašević, MSc Ecc.
Božinka Tomašević, MSc Ecc. Head of Finance and Accounting Department

(+381 11) 3601 806

(+381 11) 3601 612

Zoran Čurović, political science graduate
Zoran Čurović, political science graduate Head of Public Procurement Department
Nataša Elezović, LLB
Nataša Elezović, LLB Head of Legal Department

(+381 11) 3601 735

(+381 11) 3601 748

Aleksandar Tomić, MSc. Eng.
Aleksandar Tomić, MSc. Eng. Head of Technical Department