Ružica Jurčević was born in Belgrade in 1967, where she finished primary and secondary school with Vuk Award. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Belgrade in 1992 with the grade point average of 9.32. She defended her Master’s thesis in cardiology and became a specialist in internal medicine in 1998. She passed the subspecialist exam in cardiology in 2014 with the grade 10. She enrolled doctoral studies in cardiology at Faculty of Medicine, the University of Belgrade in 2017. She works as a cardiologist at the Cardiology Clinic at the Department of Electrophysiology and Electrostimulation as a head of the electrophysiology outpatient unit. She is a Research Assistant. She is a member of the European Society of Cardiology, the Serbian Medical Society, the Working Group for Electrophysiology and the Working Group for Electrostimulation. She is fluent in English.