He was born in Belgrade in 1961. He graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw, the Republic of Poland, in 1987. He completed the mandatory general one-year internship, specialization in internal medicine, subspecialization in cardiology, master and doctoral studies in the field of medical sciences, at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Belgrade. He has been working as a doctor of medicine for 34 years. He specialized in internal medicine at the Department of Emergency Internal Medicine and Emergency Cardiology within the Emergency Unit of the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade, where he spent 5 years in total. He practically and theoretically mastered all types of procedures implemented during cardiopulmonary resuscitation and care of cardiac patients in critical condition. He has been working at the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases Dedinje for 27 years in total as a clinical and interventional cardiologist. As a cardiologist, he worked on all positions foreseen for a cardiologist within this institution, including the treatment of cardiac surgery patients at the department of semi-intensive and intensive care, long-term monitoring and treatment of patients after cardiac surgery and percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) with stent implantation, head of cardiology department in the period 2002-2012, echocardiography (about 10,000 examinations), outpatient treatment. He has been performing invasive cardiac procedures for twenty five years (coronary angiography, about 5,000 procedures in total) and for 17 years he has been an independent interventional cardiologist with about 2,000 PCIs of all kinds in total, from primary PCI in acute myocardial infarction to the most difficult elective procedures: recanalization of chronic total occlusions, narrowing of the main stem of the left coronary artery (left main), multivessel PCI, calcified, long, ostial lesions, lesions on tortuosities and interventions on bypass grafts. Instructor-consultant for training medical doctors in the field of invasive diagnostics and PCI in newly opened centers in Valjevo, Uzice, Banja Luka and Bijeljina, the Republic of Srpska. He has been a member of the cardiac surgery medical advisory board for 20 years. He attended professional trainings and gatherings in Austria, France and the USA. He is the author of 11 papers in prominent international professional journals in the English-speaking world indexed on the Sci list. He has given 5 presentations of original papers in total at European and world congresses. He has published and presented about 80 papers in domestic journals and domestic professional gatherings. He is the author of the chapter on antiplatelet therapy in the latest book Cardiology – Clinical Guide, published by CSS. As vice president and president of the Working Group for Thrombosis and Peripheral Disease of the Cardiology Society of Serbia, he has organized several professional sessions with international participation of eminent experts from various parts of Europe in the field of antithrombotic therapy and thrombosis and bleeding disorders in percutaneous coronary interventions and acute coronary syndrome. He obtained the title of Chief of Medicine in December, 2018, and the title of Research Assistant of the Institute for Medical Research, the University of Belgrade, in June, 2019. In the summer of 2019, he worked for 3 months as a Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Mubark Hospital, Kuwait, as an eminent foreign expert, upon an invitation of the Ministry of Health of Kuwait, with Professor Mohamed Zubeid, President of the Cardiology Society of Kuwait. He has more than 20 years of experience in private practice as a cardiac consultant (clinical examination, heart echo, Holter imaging, ergo test, consultations before surgery or percutaneous intervention, cardiac opinions for non-cardiac surgery). He has an academic level of English, Russian and Polish, as well as a basic level of French and German. He is married and has two children.