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Year and place of birth: 1956, Užice
Graduated from (name, year, place): Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade, 1981
Professional, academic and scientific titles: specialist in general surgery, subspecialist in cardiac surgery, full professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade
Professional training (max 3 most important): Texas Heart Institute, Houston, USA (1986/87), Medicinische Hochshule Hanover, Germany (1995, 1998), Institute of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology, Krakow, Poland (2001)
Membership in associations (max 4): Serbian Medical Society, European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery, European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, Serbian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
Area of subspecialty: aortic homograft, arterial myocardial revascularization
Foreign languages: English, Polish