Scientific research covers all clinics within the medical sector of the Institute, and is coordinated by the Department for Educational Activity and Professional Development.

This Department ensures:

  • plans to supervise and evaluate the development of research and development projects
  • coordinates the preparation and publication of professional and scientific papers
  • plan and coordinate scientific and technical work related to the scientific research work of the Institute
  • prepare general acts that regulate the scientific research activities of the Institute

Continuing medical education is a part of regular activities of the Sector for Scientific Research of the Institute.
Professional development of medical doctors and medical technicians is the obligation of employees and is necessary both for improving the quality of work and for renewing licenses for their work.

In this sector:

organizes various forms of professional and scientific training
arranges various forms of international cooperation
coordinates participation in scientific and professional gatherings
monitors and controls the implementation of mandatory medical, specialist and subspecialist internships at the Institute

Overview of completed specializations


  1. ECMO – Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation – prof. dr. Miomir Jović
  2. Hypertension and physical activity – is therapy possible without medications? – prof. dr. Nebojša Tasić
  3. Treatment of arrhythmic storm – dr. Dejan Kojić
  4. Control of risk factors for ischemic cardiovascular event- ass. dr sci. med. dr. Srđan Babić
  5. Ventricular tachycardia (VT) – prof. dr. Petar Otašević
  6. Clinical and pathohistological modalities of myocarditis on autopsy material – Dr. Ljubomir Đoković
  7. LVAD AND ECMO, Dr. Jelena Latković- Dr. Ljubomir Đoković
  8. Sepsis and septic shock, Dr. Jovana Ivančević- Dr. Lj. Đoković, Dr. D.Unić-Stojanović
  9. Chronic coronary syndrome, Dr. Maja Milošević- Prof. Dr. Petar Otašević
  10. Atrial arrhythmias, Dr. Mihailo Jovičić, Dr Velibor Ristić
  11. Non-obstructive coronary heart disease and microcirculation, Dr. Stefan Timčić, Prof. Dr. Rade Babić
  12. Clinical examination and diagnostics of vascular diseases, Dr. Aleksandar Babić, Prof. Dr. Nenad Ilijevski
  13. Aneurysm and peripheral artery disease in a polyvascular patient, Dr. Igor Atanasijević, Ass.dr Predrag Matić
  14. CT coronary angiography, Dr Tijana Rošul, Dr Milica Brković, Dr Kovačević

Contact details

Contact person

Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Tasić


+(381) 11 360 1669


[email protected]