Continuing medical education (CME) for health workers and health associates at the Dedinje Institute is organized in order to continuously improve professional knowledge, in order to maintain and improve skills and competencies in the provision of health services. The Department of Continuing Medical Education was established in October 2009. The concept and plan of education that was made at that time changed over the years and was supplemented in accordance with the legal provisions and the needs of modern medicine. The goal of continuous education is to expand knowledge and acquire practical skills and follow trends in the process of health care in cardiovascular patients. There are 17 nurses in the education team. In addition to the head nurses of the clinics, there are also responsible nurses. Every month, the education team holds professional meetings according to the plan and program for the current year, and in accordance with the regulations of the Chamber of Health Workers and the Health Council of Serbia. Education at the Institute is realized in three levels. All nurses have passed some of the levels depending on the length of service. Educated: nurses, technicians, trainees, volunteers who are preparing for the state exam. Nurses who pass the first level, higher level of education perform further circulation at the Clinic. Since the beginning of 2017, four professional meetings have been held as part of external education, four more professional meetings have been accredited, as well as two courses from the Health Council of Serbia. Within the internal education, a plan of education of nurses – technicians from intensive care and anesthetists is being implemented. Also, within the internal education, there is an annual education plan for 2017, the implementation of which includes all departments and clinics. They are also held by the School of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, the School of Ultrasound and the School of Intensive Care as part of internal education. Internal and external education at the Institute is closely connected so that all employed technicians and nurses receive a complete professional training in the cardiovascular field, which serves as an excellent recommendation.

03/10/2017 “Potential problems (errors) in the implementation of therapy” – VMS Dragica Tokodi

17.03.2017. “Non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring” – Dr. Milica Matic

24.03.2017. “Rehabilitation of patients after cardiac surgery” – VMT Branko Golubović

04/07/2017 “Monitoring and health care of patients on mechanical ventilation” – VMS Nevena Simić

04/28/2017 “Invasive hemodynamic monitoring” – Dr. Nikola Joksić

12.05.2017. “Risk recognition, prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers” – honey. nurse Mirjana Nešović

19.05.2017 “Gas analyzes, arterial and venous blood – interpretation of results” – Dr. Vladimir Savić

06/23/2017 “Intubation – intubation technique, intubation set, application of drugs” – Dr. Sanja Ćirić

09/09/2017 “Mechanical ventilation” – Dr. Ivan Miljković, VMS Jelena Vukašinović, VMS Emilija Stojičević, VFT Rade Ilić

09/29/2017 “Pharmacotherapy in intensive care” – Dr. Jelena Lešanović

10/06/2017 “Biomarkers in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome” – SMLT Vladan Jerinić

10/27/2017 “Pharmacology in Intensive Care Part II” – Dr. Milja Tanasić

11/04/2017 “The importance of diagnosing anemia in cardiovascular patients” – Laboratory Diagnostics Team

11/17/2017 “Emergency situation in cardiac surgery and obstetrics” – SSS Snezana Medaković

11/24/2017 “Renal insufficiency, assessment, monitoring and therapy” – Dr. Aleksandra Zivkovic and SMT Goran Mošić

12/08/2017 “The importance of the use of prosthetic material in cardiovascular surgery” – Snežana Medaković

12/22/2017 “Principles of blood transfusion and derivatives” – Dr. Evgenija Strugarević

Professional meetings:

04/27/2018 “The importance of the Blood Transfusion Service in preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative monitoring of patients” – VSS Dragica Samardžić

05/11/2018 “Importance of physical therapy in CVI after myocardial revascularization” – VFT Lidija Babović “Application of contrast agents in MSCT” – VST Enis Osmani “History of nursing IKVB Dedinje and a look into the future” – SSMS Snežana Borić

06/01/2018 “Invasive monitoring” – Nikola Joksić

Internal education:

18.01.2019. “Application of sepsis presepsin biomarker in cardiovascular surgery” – Vladan Jerinić

01/25/2019 “Health care and patient care in acute coronary syndrome” – Dragica Tokadi

02/01/2019 “The importance of the nurse in recognizing the complications of acute myocardial infarction” – Julijana Đuričić

22.02.2019. “Preoperative preparation of patients for cardiac surgery” – Zorica Nesković

03/01/2019 “Scope of work of physiotherapists in preoperative preparation of patients for cardiac surgery” – Vida Borisavljević

03/15/2019 “Surgical myocardial revascularization in ACS” – Miodrag Miličić

03/22/2019 “Reconstruction of the eastern aorta and aortic root” – Dr. Slobodan Mićović

04/19/2019 “Mitral Valve Surgery” – Petar Milačić

04/25/2019 “Hand Hygiene” – Mirjana Nesovic and Mira Ranković

05/03/2019 “IABP – health care and monitoring of patients” – Mira Ranković

05/10/2019 “Carotid disease and postoperative follow-up of patients after carotid artery surgery” – Sladjana Beljić

05/17/2019 “Report from the European Congress of Cardiovascular Nurses, Milan 2019.” – Jelena Vukašinović

24.05.2019. “Scope of work of the nurse during catheter radiofrequency ablation of atrial fibrillation” – Dragana Janković

05/31/2019 “Prevention of complications of IV therapy and hemodynamic monitoring” – Sandra Lazić

06/07/2019 “Report from the World Congress of Heart Failure, Athens, May 2019.” – Zorica Vasić

06/07/2019 “Report from the World Congress of Heart Failure, Athens, May 2019.” – Zorica Vasić

09/13/2019 “Report from the Swedish Congress of Cardiology” – Zorica Neskovic, Olivera Selaković and Mira Ranković

09/20/2019 “Hybrid procedure in vascular surgery” – Dr. Slobodan Tanasković

09/27/2019 “Care of intravascular approach in patients on hemodialysis” – Milos Ristić

External education

XX professional conference of laboratory technologists and technicians of Serbia, Leskovac, March 29-31, 2019.

“Biomarkers of inflammation and infection in patients after surgery” – Mirjana Gajić

“Proper sampling of materials and the possibility of pre-analytical error” – Vladan Jerinić

“CRP in inflammation and infection” – Itov Dušan

“Importance of leukocyte determination, leukocyte formula and sedimentation in infection” – Milinka Mihajlović

“The importance of determining procalcitonin” – Nataša Milošević

“Presepsin – a new marker of inflammation” – Vladan Jerinić Hispa symposium with international participation – synergy of science, nature and lifestyle Belgrade, March 29, 2019.

“HISPA and digital technologies: a window into quality education of the population and health workers” – Aleksandar Starčević

“Hypertension (high blood pressure, silent killer) – HISPA control” – Jelena Đorđević

“Smoking cessation, black and white world – HISPA obligation” – Dalibor Aksić

“Nutrition, personal diet – the basis of the HISPA program” – Nevena Simić

Association of Health Workers and Associates of the Republic of Serbia “Aesculapius” National Congress with International Participation: On the Present for the Future
Belgrade, April 11-14, 2019 “Scope of work of the nurse during catheter radiofrequency ablation of atrial fibrillation” – Dragana Ivković

“Prevention of complications of intravenous therapy and hemodynamic monitoring” – Sandra Lazić

“Preoperative preparation of patients for cardiac surgery” – Zorica Nesković

“Standardized procedures for prophylactic measures of asepsis in cardiovascular surgery” – Stana Cvetić

“Carotid disease and postoperative follow-up of patients after carotid artery surgery” – Sladjana Beljić

“Scope of work of a nurse-technician in the admission of patients with suspected aortic dissection in the intensive care unit” – Jelena Vukašinović

“Intraaortic balloon pump – health care and patient monitoring” – Mira Ranković

“The importance of the nurse-instrumentalist in the operation of installing a pump for mechanical support of the left ventricle (LVAD)” – Dragana Zdravković

“Areas of nursing responsibility in the treatment of patients with implanted left ventricular support system (LVAD)” – Nevena Simić

“Standardized nursing interventions in connecting patients to ECMO support” – Jasna Racić

“Health care of patients on mechanical support of circulation – ECMO” – Aleksandra Jagodić

“Scope of work of the nurse-instrumentalist during the Bental operation” – Aleksandra Končarević

“Application of modern dressings in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds” – Mirjana Nešović

“Treatment of deep sternal infection with VAC therapy” – Branka Petković


02.04-04.04.2019. Milan, Congress of Cardiovascular Nurses

Passive listeners: Ljiljana Peković and Jelena Vukašinović

25.05.-28.05.2019. Athens, Congress of Acute Heart Failure

Poster presentation, topic:

Active participants: Snežana Borić, Zorica Milentijević, Zorica Nešković and Nevena Simić

Congresses in the Republic of Serbia

National Congress of Healthcare Workers of Serbia “Quality as Obligation”

Zlatibor, 22.05.-26.05.2019.

“A look into the future of sisters and technicians of IKVB” Dedinje “- Dalibor Aksić

“Determination of capillary glucose” – Jelena Mratinković

“Uric acid – a product of metabolism useful or not?” – Katica Guberinić

“The importance of determining the highly sensitive – high sensitivity troponin” – Mirjana Gajic

“New biomarker of sepsis – presepsin” – Vladan Jerinić

“Nursing interventions in patients with cardiac tamponade” – Biljana Jerinić

“Early rehabilitation of patients with cardiac surgical complications – (mediastinitis) – Modern approach” – Branko Golubović

“Areas of work of physiotherapists in preoperative preparation of patients for cardiac surgery” – Vida Borisavljević

Education abroad


Nikola Ninčić and Enis Osmani


Predrag Jovanović and Miloš Jovanović

17.01.2020. “Medical waste management” – Mira Ranković