The vascular medical advisory board is a group of doctors with extensive experience in treating patients with vascular diseases within the Vascular Surgery Clinic. This highly specialized team consists of: vascular surgeons, invasive radiologists, angiologists, neurologists and internists – cardiologists. The medical advisory board makes customized decisions on further course of treatment of patients suffering from vascular diseases on the basis of previously performed diagnostics (CT angiography). The urgency of the indicated interventions in relation to the accommodation capacities of the institute is determined, and patients are included into relevant waiting lists. The vascular medical advisory board takes into consideration the treatment of patients who have already been admitted to our Institute for hospital treatment or who have been referred by the competent surgeon from the vascular outpatient unit of the Institute. Patients are informed about the decision made by the medical advisory board over the phone, soon after the adoption thereof. If further hospital treatment is required, the patient will be informed in a timely manner about the date of hospital admission and the required documentation. For all additional information, patients can contact competent vascular surgeons during their day spent in the outpatient unit.