The Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Dedinje” (hereinafter: the Institute) is an institution of extraordinary significance in terms of scientific research considering the number of patients it provides treatment for, the range of cardiovascular procedures performed at the Institute and the structure of staff engaged in scientific research. One of the basic prerequisites for contemporary research is qualified and adequately trained staff. The Center for scientific and research activities in the field of cardiovascular medicine – Center of Excellence manages to achieve the required continuity in education, introduction of modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods in cardiovascular medicine as well as mastering the techniques of scientific research, i.e. methods of collecting, processing and publishing scientifically valuable data. The Center of Excellence as an organizational unit of the Institute is an organization which implements principles of Good Scientific Practice (GSP), Good Clinical Practice (Good Clinical Practice) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in scientific research. With respect to young researchers, the associates of the Center and the Scientific Council monitor the adequate implementation of the GSP.

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